Bridal Hats

Bridal hats can be a great alternative to traditional wedding headpieces. These bridal hats can range in style from simple and elegant to large and extravagant.

For any bride who decides to wear a bridal skirt suit or bridal pant suit, one of these hats might just be the perfect finishing touch for her outfit. (Bridal hats can look great with traditional wedding dress too, of course!)

Embellishments that can dress up a fancy hat include ribbons, bows, flowers, lace, and so on. Some of these dress hats for women are “officially” called bridal hats, but you can also expand your options by looking at hats that aren’t specifically designated for brides. Below are some examples of hats that could be worn by a bride:

Pillbox Hats

Pillbox hats are small hats with flat crowns and no brims. An ivory or white pillbox hat can create a vintage look when worn as a bridal hat. Often, you can find a bridal pillbox hat with a birdcage veil attached.

Cloche Hats

Cloche hats were popular in the 1920’s, and wearing one as a bridal hat can create a vintage look. This style of hat fits close to the head, resembles a “bell” shape, and comes down low on the forehead. Cloche hats can come in both casual and dressy styles, so you may want to look specifically for bridal cloche hats or ones that have dressier styles.

Church Hats

Church hats are often very fancy, and if you search for ivory or white church hats, you might find a dressy one that you would like to wear on your wedding day.

Cowboy Hats

For a bride wearing a western wedding dress, a bridal cowboy hat can help complete the look. Many of these bridal cowboy hats have a wedding veil attached to the back of the hat.


A fascinator is not exactly a hat, but it is a fancy headpiece that is usually attached to the hair by a comb, clips, headband, or hairpins. They are often worn towards one side of the head, and they can range in size from small to as large as a hat. Some bridal fascinators are worn with wedding veils.

Kentucky Derby Hats

Searching though Kentucky Derby hats is another way you might find a hat that you’d like to wear as a bridal hat. These hats are often fairly large and wide brimmed. They can be quite decorated, as well.

Victorian Hats

For a bride wearing a Victorian style wedding dress or having a Victorian wedding theme, a Victorian bridal hat will fit right in.

Custom Hats

A bride can also consider having a bridal hat altered or even custom made for her by a milliner. This way, she can create the exact look she wants.