Bridal Suits

Bridal Suits are a wonderful option for any bride.

A bridal suit may consist of a jacket paired with either a skirt, dress, or pants. It is a great alternative to a traditional wedding gown.

Wearing a bridal suit is an especially good option for older brides, second time brides, and any bride who doesn’t want to bother dressing up in a big and elaborate gown. They are also nice to wear at small and less formal weddings. For example, they are a good choice to wear to a courthouse wedding.

One advantage of wearing a bridal suit is that wearing a jacket can be quite figure flattering. A long jacket may help to disguise various “problem areas.” And a long sleeved jacket will provide arm coverage. If your wedding will take place outside in warm weather, you can consider wearing a jacket that has short sleeves or sheer long sleeves.

If you are having a hard time finding an “official” bridal suit, you can expand your options by looking for a special occasion women’s suit or any dressy suit for women.

Choosing a women’s suit in the traditional color of white or ivory will make it seem more like a bridal suit. However, if you want to wear a women’s suit in a different color, then go ahead! It’s your wedding, and you should wear what makes you happy.

When choosing a bridal suit, make sure it looks dressy and not like a business suit. Choose one that comes in dressy fabrics, and avoid ones that are made of a material that seems more appropriate for the office.

Another idea is to look for mother of the bride suits. Many of these suits come in white or ivory which makes them a perfect choice to be worn as a bridal suit.

Beautiful embellishments such as rhinestones or beading can really dress up a bridal suit. Accessorizing with jewelry can do the same. For a coordinated look, match the type of jewelry you wear to whatever type of embellishments your bridal suit might have. For example, if you suit had silver beading, you could wear sterling silver or white gold jewelry with it.

It is always a good idea to pick out your bridal suit first, and then buy accessories, such as your shoes, that coordinate with it. When choosing bridal hair accessories, instead of wearing a tiara, you may want to consider wearing dressy hair combs or clips or even a pretty flower.

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