Designer Bridal Pantsuits

We are pleased to see that some designers are including pantsuits in their bridal collections. Whether a bride chooses to wear one of these designer bridal pantsuits or another dressy pantsuit, it is great that there are more choices.

Carolina Herrera Bridal Pantsuit
Carlolina Herrera debuted her first bridal pantsuit as part of her Spring 2013 bridal collection. The model wearing the pantsuit also wore a large straw hat. We think bridal hats are a great accessory to pair with a pantsuit.

Theia Bridal Pantsuit
As part of their Spring 2013 collection, Theia included a pretty lace bridal pantsuit.

Sarah Jassir Bridal Pant Suit
A bridal pantsuit was part of the Sarah Jassir Spring 2013 bridal collection. It pairs a sequined jacket with a pair of pants.

Oscar de la Renta Bridal Pants and Crop Top
This one is not quite a pantsuit and not for everyone. Included as part of the Oscar de la Renta Spring 2013 bridal collection is an outfit consisting of pants paired with a crop top.