Dressy Pant Suits for Weddings

The Number 1 rule when wearing pant suits for weddings is that the pant suit must be dressy.  No business type suits, please!

What makes a wedding pant suit dressy?  There are three basic components to a dressy look: the fabric, the color, and the fit.

Common Fabrics for Pant Suits for Weddings:

Organza – Organza is a luxurious look and makes for very elegant pant suits.
Linen – Linen pant suits are best suited for more casual weddings.
Satin – Touches of this satin throughout your pant suit and can create a great dressy look.
Chiffon – Chiffon is a lovely flowing fabric that is also very feminine.

In addition to the fabrics listed above, you can wear any other fabric that is soft and / or flowing.  Avoid stiff fabrics such as those found in tweed pant suits.  Pant suits with lace insets are also quite attractive.

Colors of Pant Suits for Weddings:

Generally speaking, it’s best to avoid tweed, houndstooth, or pinstripe pant suits for weddings.  Why?  Because those colors are typically seen in business pant suits.  You want to look “dressed up” since you are attending a wedding – not a job interview. Sometimes, completely black, dark gray, or dark navy pant suits can also look like business suits, but if the suit has the right cut, fabric (and possibly embellishments), pant suits in these colors can be also be quite dressy.

If you are looking for a bridal pant suit, the classic color choice is, of course, white or ivory.  Choosing this color is very traditional and should be reserved exclusively for the bride.

Soft pink, pastel blue, and light taupe are all examples of beautiful color options.  If you are a wedding guest, just make sure that the color you choose isn’t too vibrant or flashy.  All eyes should be focused on the bride.

The Fit of Pant Suits for Weddings:

A fitted pant suit is a great choice for a wedding.  Try to find a pant suit that looks tailored and feminine, and not boxy.

If you don’t want a fitted pant suit and prefer a different look, you can choose one made with soft flowing fabrics.  Pants suits in those types of materials can be quite loose and don’t need to have any structured shape or be tight fitting. These types of pant suits can be beautiful and feminine looking.

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