Figure Flattering Pant Suits for Weddings

Are you interested in wearing a pant suit to an upcoming wedding?  You are not alone.  Wearing pant suits for weddings is a very popular choice these days. 

This article discusses how to choose a wedding pant suit that flatters your figure type and helps hide any problem areas that you may have.

If You Want to Look Taller:

When looking for petite pant suits for weddings, consider pant suits that are monochromatic.  In addition, wearing your wedding pant suit’s jacket unbuttoned and open will create vertical lines, and vertical lines can help create the illusion of looking taller.

You can also give your legs a lengthier look by wearing the pants somewhat longer than you normally do.  Finish off that look with a pair of high heels, so that the pant legs do not trail on the ground.

If You are Plus Size:

If you need a plus size wedding pant suit and are uncomfortable wearing a form fitting one, try to find a pant suit made of soft flowing material like chiffon.  Jackets with lace insets and pants with flowing material can be more than dressy enough for a wedding.

If the Stomach is Your Problem Area:

You may want to choose a wedding pant suit that has elastic waist pants.  Doing so allows you to wear pants that are slimmer in the legs.  Since the elastic waist pants have a waist band that expands, you could buy a pair of pants in a smaller size that will better fit your legs (and, therefore, are less baggy) while the elastic will expand to fit your stomach.  Just make sure the pants are comfortable when the waist band is expanded.

Your pant suit jacket can really help to hide this problem area.  Choose a jacket that completely covers the stomach when it is buttoned.  You should check to make sure that the jacket flatters this area both when you are standing as well as when sitting.

If the Bottom is Your Problem Area:

Look for a wedding pant suit that has boot cut or (for a trendier look) flared pants.  This will help to balance out your look.  Avoid pants that taper.  Tapered pants can create an unflattering look that resembles an upside down triangle.

Another great option is to wear a long jacket.  A pant suit jacket that completely covers your bottom will, obviously, do a great deal to disguise this area.

If  the Hips are Your Problem Area:

If this is your problem area, once again, a wedding pant suit with boot cut or flared pants will work for you.  Here, too, the cut of the pants will help to balance out your figure.

And finally, the bottom of your wedding pant suit jacket should not end around the largest part of your hips, as this may draw attention to the very area you do not want to emphasize.

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