Ideas for Wedding Cake Toppers for Brides who Wear Pantsuits

There are a lot of decisions to make when planning a wedding. For example, a bride will need to choose her outfit (such as a wedding pant suit), decide on the location where the wedding will be held, pick out a wedding cake, and much more.

Many people decide to decorate their wedding cake with a cake topper. This article gives ideas for deciding on what type of wedding cake topper that a bride who wears a pant suit might want to use on her wedding cake.

Couple Figurines Wedding Cake Toppers

One traditional type of wedding cake topper is a figurine that represents the wedding couple. The problem with this type of cake topper is that almost always the figurine of the bride is wearing a wedding dress. If the actual bride is wearing a bridal pantsuit, this type of topper doesn’t seem to really represent the couple. There is actually one figurine cake topper that we found that shows a bride in a pantsuit. You can check it out at Amazon – it’s called the Fashionable Bride in Elegant Pants Suit. You could then buy the other spouse’s wedding cake topper figurine separately, and put both next to each other on top of the cake. Here is a picture of this cake topper:

Animal Figurine Wedding Cake Toppers

You can avoid the whole issue of what the bride figurine will be wearing by choosing a cake topper that doesn’t represent people at all. A really cute idea is to use a cake topper that depicts such things as love birds, swans or doves.

Heart Wedding Cake Toppers

Another idea for a wedding cake topper for a bride who wears a pant suit is to avoid figurine cake toppers altogether. Just as lovely and romantic would be to have a cake topper that depicts a heart or two hearts. Hearts are a symbol of love and would certainly be quite appropriate for a wedding.

Initials Wedding Cake Toppers

To really personalize your wedding cake you could choose to have a cake topper that is designed in the shape of an initial. You can find quite fancy ones where the initial is in a script style or other fancy lettering. The initial could represent your new shared last name. Alternatively, you could use two initials symbolizing both people’s first names.

A Few Tips for Choosing your Wedding Cake Topper

  • Make sure that the cake topper you choose is the right size for your wedding cake.
  • If your wedding cake has any colors decorating it, you may want to choose a cake topper that matches these colors or at least coordinates with them.
  • Choose a wedding cake topper that is meaningful to the couple and represents their individual style.
  • You may want to save your wedding cake topper as a memento of your wedding.