Ladies Dress Pants for Weddings

There are many complete pant suits that you can purchase that include both a jacket and pants that would be great to wear to a wedding. However, it is possible to buy each item of your outfit separately.

You could separately purchase ladies dress pants and a coordinating dressy jacket as well as a blouse.

One style of pants that is very dressy and would be a good choice is dress pants that are wide leg and made of dressy flowing material. These types of pants are sometimes referred to as palazzo pants. This style of pants can sometimes almost look as if you are wearing a skirt. Other styles of pants in dressy fabrics can look good, as well.

Wearing white or ivory should be reserved just for the bride, so don’t buy pants in one of those colors (unless you are the bride). Also, if you are a wedding guest, don’t choose ladies dress pants in a color that is very vibrant so that you don’t detract from the bride.

If you buy your pants and jacket (or blouse) from the same designer it might be possible to get them in the same exact color. If they are from different designers, make sure the colors don’t clash. If your jacket has a patterned design or multiple colors, one idea is to choose pants in one of the colors that is in the jacket for a coordinated look.

Make sure you choose dress pants that fit properly and are the right length. If you find a pair of dress pants that you really like, but have too long an inseam, consider hemming them.

You might buy a pair of ladies dress pants to wear to a particular wedding, but because they can be worn again as part of other outfits, they can make a great addition to your wardrobe.