Mother of the Bride Outfits

Mother of the bride outfits include mother of the bride pant suits, mother of the bride dresses, and mother of the bride suits.

You will want to choose a mother of the bride outfit to wear to your daughter’s wedding that looks beautiful, fits beautifully, and will look great in photographs. This article discusses types of mother of the bride wedding outfits.

Mother of the Bride Pant Suits

Pant suits are one of the types of mother of the bride outfits that you can choose to wear. A mother of the bride pant suit is a great option for those who are more comfortable in pants than in dresses or skirts. They can be just as appropriate as a dress as long as you wear one that is dressy and doesn’t look like a business suit. Please see our page about choosing dressy pant suits for weddings.

Mother of the Bride Suits

Besides pant suits, a mother of the bride could also choose to wear a dressy skirt suit or dress with a matching jacket. These types of outfits can be very figure flattering as the jacket can hide a variety of “problem areas.” Again, make sure to choose a suit that is dressy and doesn’t look like it should be worn to the office.

Mother of the Bride Dresses

If you want to wear a mother of the bride dress, you have a variety of lengths, styles, fits and designs from which you can choose. You can choose between formal gowns and more casual dresses. A-line mother of the bride dresses, tea length mother of the bride dresses, and floor length mother of the bride dresses are just a few of your many choices.

Mother of the Bride Separates

It’s also worth mentioning that you could buy a formal dress and then separately purchase a dressy coordinating jacket, bolero, or wrap to wear with it. It is also possible to buy separate dressy bottoms (pants or skirts) and pair them with separately purchased dressy tops (blouses or jackets) Just make sure that if you choose to wear separates, your outfit is appropriate and formal enough for the wedding.

Choosing the Color of you Mother of the Bride Outfit

Always consult your daughter first before choosing the color of your outfit. She may have a particular color in mind that she wants you to wear. One option she might suggest is to wear a color that compliments or coordinates with the color her wedding party is wearing. If she has no preference in the color of your outfit, make sure that when you choose your mother of the bride outfit, you don’t pick white or ivory (as that color should be reserved just for the bride). Avoid any colors that make it look like you are wearing a business suit (for example, a tweed suit). You want all eyes to be on your daughter, so it’s a good idea to avoid any colors that are too vibrant or flashy and that might distract from the bride. Traditionally, mother of the brides didn’t wear black dresses to a wedding. Today, some mothers do wear black dresses, especially if the wedding is in the evening. If you are considering wearing a black dress, make sure this is okay with your daughter and her fiancée.

Tips for Finding Mother of the Bride Outfits

Whether you shop online or in person in bridal shops, you will, of course, want to browse through the mother of the bride sections of these stores. However, if you have a hard time finding the right suit or a pant suit in the mother of the bride section, you can increase your options by searching other places that sell special occasion attire or formal wear but that aren’t specifically labeled as mother of the bride attire.

Shoes and Accessories for the Mother of the Bride

Shoes and jewelry are the finishing touches of mother of the bride outfits. Always choose your outfit first before buying your shoes or deciding what jewelry to wear. Make sure you pick comfortable shoes that will enable you to enjoy the wedding day and focus on your daughter. When choosing your jewelry pieces, it’s best to wear classic, timeless pieces. You don’t want anything flashy that will distract from you daughter. For a coordinated look, wear all one type of jewelry. For example, wear all gold, all sterling silver, or all pearls. You could also choose to wear jewelry that coordinates with your outfit. For example, if your jacket has silver-tone buttons, you could wear all sterling silver or white gold jewelry.

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