Mother of the Bride Pant Suits

Mother of the Bride Pant Suits are a great option to wear to your daughter’s wedding.

Pictured on this page are some of our favorite Mother of the Bride Pant Suits. Clicking on the pictures will take you to websites where they are offered.

Sophisticated Mother of the Bride Pant Suit – offered at Macy’s

This sophisticated pant suit is a classic, and is a wonderful option for a mother of the bride. There are three pieces – the jacket and tank are sold as a set, and the pants are sold separately. The jacket and tank sparkles and are dressed up with a glitter print with lots of embellishments, and the pants are a pull on style. This pant suit top comes in misses sizes and plus sizes and the pants come in misses sizes.

Dressy Mother of the Bride Pant Suit – offered at Macy’s

This dressy pant suit makes a great mother of the bride pant suit. The jacket and blouse are sold separately from the pants. The jacket has front button closures and is collarless. This mother of the bride pant outfit comes in misses sizes.

Affordable, Causal Pant Suit for the Mother of the Bride – offered at Blair

This three piece pantsuit is a great choice for a mother of the bride who will be attending a more casual wedding. The are a couple of color choices for this pant suit – black and periwinkle. The pants have an elasticized waist. It comes in misses sizes, women’s sizes, and petite sizes.

Lovely Plus Size, Short Sleeve Mother of the Bride Pant Suit – offered at Amazon

This lovely plus size short sleeve pant suit would make a great mother of the bride pant suit. It includes pants and a tunic with short sleeves, so it’s a good option to wear to an outdoor wedding. It’s designed with a lace tunic and the pants that have an elastic waist. There are several color choices, and it comes in plus sizes M to 5X.

Plus Size Mother of the Bride Pant Suit – offered at Amazon

This elegant pant suit would make a great plus size mother of the pant suit. This 3 piece beaded pantset includes a tunic and jacket with sequin embellishments and pants that are lined. This pant set comes in plus sizes. It comes in sizes 14W to 34W.

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Other Pant Outfit Ideas…

Alfred Angelo Mother of the Bride Pant Suits

Designer Alfred Angelo makes separates – tops, pants and skirts – that are great for a mother of the bride. When you put together a coordinating top and pants, you have a two piece stylish mother of the bride pant suit. With most of the outfits, there are a lot – and we mean A LOT – of color options available! Examples of these colors choices include colors called sunshine, lavender, kiwi, blue jay, fuchsia, tealness, espresso, victorian lilac, navy, champagne, black, sugar plum, eggplant, cafe, claret, espresso, celadon, and victoria lilac, and more. If you want to wear a color to match your daughter’s wedding party, you’re most likely going to find it with this pant suit! There are both long sleeved and short sleeved tops. You should be able to find a very dressy top, and some are embellished with crystal beading and sequins. There are separates offered in both misses and women’s sizes that range from size 0 to 26W.

Ursula of Switzerland Mother of the Bride Pant Suits

Designer Ursula of Switzerland offers a variety of pant suits that are perfect for special occasions such as weddings. Most of these pant suits are three pieces and include a top, long sleeved jacket and pants. Many of these pant suits have loose flowing material, and some have long length tops. Some have dressy embellishments such as beading. There are often several color choices for each pant suit. Examples of colors some of the pant suits come in are teal, heather, cobalt, raisin, chestnut, lapis, silver, moss, navy, dark chocolate, celery, cabernet, and black. Most of these mother of the bride pant suits come in both misses and plus sizes. The misses sizes typically range from size 4 or 6 to size 18, and the woman’s sizes typically range from size 16 to size 24 or 28.

Advice about Mother of the Bride Pant Suits

You daughter has set the date for her wedding, and now you find yourself searching for the perfect mother of the bride outfit to wear to your daughter’s big day. Many women will traditionally start looking for a dress to wear to the event, but another equally good option to wear is a mother of the bride pant suit.

When choosing a mother of the bride pant suit, make sure to pick one that is dressy. Stay away from any suits that look like they are more appropriate for a business meeting than for a wedding. When searching for a dressy suit, consider the following three elements – fabric, color, and fit.

Choose dressy fabrics such as organza or chiffon for your pant suit. Touches of satin or lace insets can really dress up a suit as well. Look for suits with soft flowing materials, and avoid any stiff fabrics like tweed.

Your choice of color for your mother of the bride suit is quite important. Stay away from white or ivory as this color should be reserved for the bride. Also, avoid any colors (such as, for example, tweed) that may make your outfit look more like a business suit. All eyes should be on the bride, so don’t pick any color that is vibrant or flashy and could possibly detract from your daughter. Ask you daughter if she has any color preference for your outfit. Perhaps she will want you to wear the color that her wedding party is wearing. Pastel colors are almost always appropriate for weddings.

The fit of your pant suit can make it seem dressier. Avoid boxy suits and, instead, choose fitted and tailored suits or ones with gentle, flowing fabric. Also, choose mother of the bride outfits with beautiful feminine embellishments such as silver beading or rhinestone designs.

A big advantage to choosing to wear one of these outfits is that many women are more comfortable in pants than skirts or dresses. Another significant advantage to wearing a mother of the bride pant suit is that they can be figure flattering. A long jacket can help disguise all sorts of problem areas. Suits with flared pants can help to create lines that balance out your figure.

If you follow these guidelines for choosing a pant suit, you should be able to find the perfect outfit for your daughter’s wedding. When you are comfortable, you will be much more able to focus on your daughter’s big day.