Mother of the Bride Suits

A beautiful choice of wedding attire to wear to your daughter’s big day is a mother of the bride suit.

A mother of the bride suit may consist of a jacket paired with either pants, a dress, or a skirt. Mother of the bride suits are a lovely option for weddings. They are stylish and attractive, and come in a variety of colors.

You don’t need to worry that they might look like they are more appropriate for the workplace than a wedding as long as you choose one that is dressy. Finding a dressy mother of the bride outfit means making sure it is made of the right type of material, fits properly, and is an appropriate color.

There a quite a number of mother of the bride suits currently in the marketplace. These, by nature, are almost always appropriate and dressy enough. But you can expand your options by looking for special occasion suits, as well. Be sure to choose a special occasion suit in a dressy fabric. Chiffon or organza are good choices. If it’s in your budget, you might even want to consider designer suits.

Many of these mother of the bride suits or special occasion suits can be quite figure flattering. They may have long sleeve jackets which provide arm coverage and make them a perfect choice for winter or fall weddings. Other mother of the bride suits have short sleeves which make them ideal for summer or spring weddings. However, if you want the arm coverage of a long sleeve jacket but will be attending a wedding in warmer weather, then consider wearing a jacket that has long sleeves made of sheer lace or maybe a jacket with three quarter sleeves.

If you are plus size, don’t worry because there are many mother of the bride plus size suits, as well. You may want to avoid mother of the bride plus size suits that are form fitting and, instead, choose ones with soft, flowing fabrics.

When you are choosing your mother of the bride outfit, stay away from white or ivory. That color should be reserved for the bride. And an all black or dark shade of gray suit can sometimes be too reminiscent of a business suit, so be careful when choosing ones in those colors as well. Pastel colors are nice, especially for wedding during warmer months. With your daughter’s approval, you might want to wear a mother of the bride outfit that is similar or coordinates with her wedding party color. And always ask your daughter if she has a preference as to the color of your mother of the bride suit.

It is also worth mentioning that suits are appropriate for other important guests of the wedding, as well. Mother of the groom suits and grandmother of the bride suits are also wonderful choices when it comes to wedding attire.

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