Types of Pants for Women

Women have many types of pants from which they can choose. There are women’s casual pants, dress pants, workout pants, career pants, and so on. There are a variety of types of women’s pant suits, as well. Pant suits for women can vary in the type of pants included with the suit. For example, some may come with straight leg pants, others with wide leg pants, and so forth.

Listed below is a description of some of the many different types of pants for women.

Boot Cut Pants
Boot cut pants flare out slightly at the lower part of the pants. This can create more room for wearing boots, but can also be a flattering style to wear with other types of shoes.

Cropped Pants
Cropped pants are longer then shorts but shorter than pants. They end anywhere between the knee and ankle.

Flared Pants
Flared pant legs typically get wider around the lower half of the pants (after the knee) and continue getting wider to the bottom hem. The actual amount the pants “flares” (gets wider) can vary.

Straight Leg Pants
Straight leg pants tend to have a narrower, but straight fit. They do not flare or taper.

Tapered Leg Pants
Tapered leg pants get smaller toward the ankle. One style in which a tapered leg may be found is on “skinny jeans”.

Wide Leg Pants
Wide leg pants are wide throughout the entire leg. Many dressy pants and pant suits are wide leg.