Wedding Pant Suits for Brides

Lots of women wear wedding pant suits. Wearing one is a great alternative to wearing a wedding gown.

Listed below is some information and advice for brides considering wearing a pant suit to their wedding.

1. Brides can look just as lovely in wedding pant suits as they can in wedding dresses. There is no rule that you must marry in a wedding dress.

2. Wedding pant suits are a particularly great choice for older brides and second-time brides who don’t want to bother dressing up in a traditional wedding gown.

3. Being comfortable in your outfit is one of the biggest advantages of wearing a wedding pant suit. If you are more comfortable in pants than dresses, then wearing a wedding pant suit is perfect for you. You want to enjoy your big day – not worry about your outfit.

4. Make sure the wedding pant suit you pick looks dressy (and not like one that you would wear to a business meeting).

5. A white or ivory pant suit is an excellent option to replace a traditional white dress. But there is no rule that your pant suit must be one of these colors. A soft pastel-colored pant suit would also look lovely.

6. Look for wedding pant suits with feminine touches – lace insets, a fitted jacket, soft flowing material, and so forth.

7. Accessorize. Necklaces, earrings, and pins all make great additions to your outfit. Try to match your jewelry for a coordinated look. For example, wear all pearls, all diamonds (or rhinestones), or all gold.

8. If your hair is long, consider wearing it in an updo. The combination of wearing an updo and a wedding pant suit is very elegant. Instead of wearing a traditional tiara in your hair, consider adding a flower or sparkly hair clips.

9. The fit of the pant suit you wear is important. Make sure to wear one that flatters your particular figure. You want a wedding pant suit that both looks beautiful and fits beautifully on you.

10. Another great benefit to wearing pant suits is that they can give you a lot of leeway in hiding figure flaws. For example, if you choose to wear a pant suit with a long jacket, you can hide hip and bottom problem areas with the jacket.

11. Wedding pant suits are also a wonderful option to wear at small weddings or casual weddings where the ceremony is less formal.

12. Finally, if you are having a destination wedding, another advantage of wearing a pant suit is that packing a pant suit is a lot easier than trying to pack a big fluffy wedding dress.

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